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I am a Helpless Person

Your policy is giving me
a stressful situation at this moment.
I have no strength to
stand up to you.
You have covered my way
in your fence.
I am now in this dusty place –
A frustrated man.
I feel this place is a funeral parlour.
I have almost given up hope.
Extreme pain is
filling my heart every day.
Now uncountable troubles
surround me…
I feel tired and impatient.
I have nothing to do here.
I cry to you from the
bottom of my heart.
Here my plans have failed within me.
I know you are not brutal.
I have bulimia with my life.
Can you feel it?

I have a burden on my shoulders
Can you see it?
It is like capital punishment.
My life has capsized like a boat.
Show me your sympathy for my life.
I am here a helpless person…

– Ravi,
Nauru detention 2 years

I drench your feet with my tears

I am poor and needy,
my heart stricken within me.
I am gone like an evening shadow.

My body is a ghost.
My eyes are awake
before the watchers of the night.

When can I see my family again?
I am counting the days.
They stretch before me without end.

I have nothing within me
but hopes, dreams and sorrows.

Look on my affliction.
Send your light to my darkness.
You are my protector at the moment

Give me your hand
Counsel me
and attend to my cries.

Grant me justice.
Hear my voice.
Deliver me from this prison.

Though I am shaken off like a locust
Rise within me.

Nauru detention 2 years