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A rainbow

I wake each night
more tired of this repetition.
I find myself in the loneliness of the wall’s shadow,
in the darkness of lonely nights.
Released from the joy of sexuality
I sleep with my shadow
embracing all I do not have.
I kiss those made of the same material as me –
they are a rainbow –
and immediately I turn into a flood in your arms.
I am full of the wounds that only your hands can cure.
I am set free each time I pat your hair.
You smell like all of my life.
My loneliness does not doom me to failure.
I am full of the joy of sexuality.
The darkness of these nights
will turn into a rainbow.

M. Manus Island

There is nothing to worry about

My wounds are alright
There is no pain but being lost
A dream in this world
In my loneliness , when I go through the street of my memories,
I remember a red Tulip
I think there is some one hidden
That tulip has grown on his memories
All of sudden I remember, that person is me
I remember that my street is full of feelings of not seeming and not coming
I was forgetting to say, I want to build a house
Without doors
Without windows
Without walls
I just want to build a ceiling from tulip as big as your heart
What a pity
I still remember, my house being on fire
That burnt like a candle
My candle, don’t cry
My candle was crying
And in its cry, drowned slowly
Yea I’m alright
There is nothing to worry about

– M (Manus 2015)

Maybe I’m just asleep

Maybe I’m just asleep
Maybe I’m just deeply in hibernation
I don’t know how many years I’ve been asleep
Maybe it’s a thousand year old sleep
I which you were here
Not for a long time
For just a glimpse
I’d like to be a Tulip
To describe it a bit
So when a dove sits on my door
It remembers
There is some one here hidden
Let me say it again
I am alright
But, don’t you believe it.

– M. (Manus 2015)