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A cry

Written by a 16 year old girl detained on Nauru

O GOd help us and save us from here.
We will stand our ground in peaceful protest
and will not use violence against any officers.
Many have sewed their lips.
The situation here is very tense.
Everybody cries at night.
No one is in a good mental health.
Everybody’s attempting suicide.
Five under age [under 18] have committed self harm with glass.
Some older people wanted to cut their own neck arteries.
I am a 16 year old girl who is tired of life.
I want to kill myself.
Please take my cry to the world.
Please, I beg you, if it is possible tell my message to the world.
Thank you.
I really need help.
– Leila (not real name) 16 years Nauru 2015.