Grave concerns over Behrouz Boochani

Mr Boochani, Kurdish Iranian journalist imprisoned in our black site on Manus Island for the past 3 years has requested that RAPBS send out the following statement to the media.

Tomorrow morning [24th April] they will move me to Oscar. I want to resist. They must take me by force.  They said ‘you only have 15 minutes. If you resist we will take you by PNG police by force.’

I received a positive refugee status determination on 18 April 2016 from the PNG immigration. I arrived in Australia 3 years ago and asked Australia for asylum under international law. The Labour government of Australia exiled me to their prison camp in Manus Island PNG by force. I have been imprisoned here for almost 3 years and have been under a lot of pressure to fill in the protection application in PNG but I have constantly denied to do so. I did not arrive in PNG and did never give the PNG government my case for asylum.  I have never wanted to resettle in this country.

This is part of my fight.  I have worked hard and tirelessly during the last 3 years to send out Manus voice.  I wrote lots of articles and pieces in my real name and fake name.  I have worked hard with film-makers, fellow journalists, organisations and lawyers but now I want to send out Manus voice by my body.  I don’t have any other way.

I don’t want to lose my personality.  I don’t want to be a nameless detainee. ‘By the 19 July law our legal status has been suspended and we become legally un-nameable beings.  We are made into non-beings without dignity. Think of Hamid Khazaei, his body was used to violently send a message to the world’ (Boochani, unpublished article, Nauru and Manus Islands and the law: The State of Exception).

This is a fight for Western democratic values of freedom, equality, the right to safety, the right to asylum, the right to freedom of speech and movement, and mutual respect.  I will resist not for myself but for humanity values.  I left my country because I am a liberal writer and I will always fight for democratic values even with my body.

I fight to show people that Australia has tortured people in this hell prison for three years.

– Behrouz Boochani