Press Release 22 October 2015



22 October 2015

RAPBS is very concerned to hear that the Nauru offices of Save the Children and Transfield were raided this morning following yesterday’s ABC Lateline report.

We call on the Minister for Immigration and the Oppositon to ensure the safety of Nazanin’s mother and brother who also spoke on the program and who remain incarcerated on Nauru.

In his correspondence with concerned MPs who raised the plight of Nazanin’s family with him, Minister Dutton stated that it was departmental policy for patients brought to Australia for treatment to be accompanied by members of their nuclear families. Despite being assured at the time of Nazanin’s departure that her mother and brother would follow, they still remain on Nauru. Why has the family not been airlifted to Australia in order to join their sister/daughter in Brisbane?

ABC reports that ‘Computers and other internet-connected devices were seized by local authorities this morning.’ Were any Australian police involved in the raid?

Is the seizing of these devices yet another instance of attempts by the Australian and/or Nauru governments to censor the flow of information from these detention black sites – precisely in light of the growing evidence of sexual assaults, mismanagement and breach of policy protocols?

How are the workers in the camps expected to conduct their frontline role if their communication devices have been siezed? Surely this will impact on the quality of services the workers can deliver to the detainees who are under their duty of care?

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