I am a Helpless Person

Your policy is giving me
a stressful situation at this moment.
I have no strength to
stand up to you.
You have covered my way
in your fence.
I am now in this dusty place –
A frustrated man.
I feel this place is a funeral parlour.
I have almost given up hope.
Extreme pain is
filling my heart every day.
Now uncountable troubles
surround me…
I feel tired and impatient.
I have nothing to do here.
I cry to you from the
bottom of my heart.
Here my plans have failed within me.
I know you are not brutal.
I have bulimia with my life.
Can you feel it?

I have a burden on my shoulders
Can you see it?
It is like capital punishment.
My life has capsized like a boat.
Show me your sympathy for my life.
I am here a helpless person…

– Ravi,
Nauru detention 2 years