… this letter for new pm

“… this letter for new pm,

why they treat us like that i don’t know what we have done to them I don’t know even those who were close to us as a friend from Australia with an order beat us which I hadn’t expected to do it which I respect them and shared the story of my life which who just told us about his holiday in travelling to other countries and how they enjoyed it after left the place where we are suffering more than enough and held for long time without seeing other Ordinary things we are not jealous of them but when they talk about humanity we expect to see humanity not cruelty please treat us like humans when you tell me brother in our culture we treat you as a brother, is that Australian culture after telling you brother with one order assault to them because of this bloody money, why Australian citizen are silent when the border force act said that don’t speak out when you see the abuses and if you say something you will go to jail, is there like that in Australia abuse doesn’t have any punishment in our fucking country we had law but because they didn’t obey we scape and come to your country by boat because was not any legal wait to to come legally to your country we risk our lives in ocean waves to catch the hands of your help not to living with fear in a place that you brought us by force we didn’t come to destroy your country we are not your enemies, I don’t like begging for anything but your treatment forced me to do it again and again, congrats to new pm please you show us the real Australian treatment not like that guard or immigration officer who assaulted to me and other people in offshore, if that makes sense to you please show humanity to us”

– Manus