I wish I would had Died in Ocean, too

Welcome Dear Aylan, my name is Reza Berati.
I am also a Kurd.
Don’t be scared baby, we are not alone.
Hamid Khazaei is also here.
We were Asylum Seeker’s as well but there is a difference:
‘We Survied to Shore and then we Died but you couldn’t. At least You suffered less’.
I know that the only thing you heard in your life was Bombs and Guns noises all the time, and your ears were full of these Harsh noises.
You tried to learn to Walk and escape from all this.
You learnt walking and tried to flee but…?!
Was it our fate or Policy? Actually I dont know??!!
Mr.Dutton has said Yesterday it is a lawfull policy!
Was it Lawfull for me?
Can you put yourself in my shoes Mr.Minister?
Do you see it lawfull if you were me?
Dear Aylan I survived in Ocean.
I was then forced to go to Manus and I asked for Freedom after 6 months and I got killed.
Believe me, Drowning in Ocean is far far better than suffering and dying gradually.
Its OK baby Aylan. It’s Ok.
Maybe The Ocean wanted to tell you there is no one expecting you in Shore…

B. detained Manus Island 26 months.